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The Dragonfly Rod Holder

August 8, 2016

Fish on!!   And now the dance begins...


After an intense battle to get a beautiful brown trout within netting range, you reach out and scoop it out of the water as a satisfying relief comes over you. Your excitement peaks and you can't wait to get your hands on the catch of a lifetime.  In this moment of exhilaration you are trying to juggle your rod, the net, the fish, and of course your phone or camera to get a picture to show off back at camp. 

In comes the Dragonfly Rod Holder.  This convenient little belt clip rod holder allows you to quickly holster your rod to free up your hand and allow full range of motion.  Not to mention, you will know your expensive rod will be safe and sound connected at your hip. 

No more dropping your rod in the mud or on the rocks, and no more wedging your rod in your armpit or between your legs, limiting your movements.  

  The Dragonfly Rod Holder is all about convenience and protection of your rod.  Once you fish with it, you won't fish with out it.  



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