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Weekend Fishing Trip

July 28, 2016


A weekend trip for us consists of some the hardest fishing anyone can endure.  We love the outdoors and camping and all, but we are there to fish!  


After finishing up the 9-5 grind on Friday evening, we immediately hit the road to the destination for hopefully some good camping and even better fishing.  The campgrounds we favor are the ones far out in the middle of no where, past 5 miles of gravel roads, well out of any cell phone signal, and most importantly, a spot within casting distance to a pristine trout stream.


Upon arrival, camp setup is essential.  If this is not the first step, it may never be a step you get to.  Shortly after a quick setup, all the focus turns to fishing.  It is probably getting dark, or is already dark by this point, so it is time to get out the mouse box.  


You could imagine stumbling down stream sides, of which you have never seen before, in the pitch black is difficult, but it is just a small obstacle in the way of trout fever.  After several hours in the dark, its time for campfire and drinks!


When the sun breaks in the morning, just a quick breakfast, pack some snacks, and hit the streams.   THE FISH IS ON!




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